Cabell Diaries: At the University of Virginia’s Special Collections Library

The best way, of course, to enter imaginatively into the world of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Cabells is to read their personal papers. The University of Virginia holds the commonplace books, diaries, and/or journals of several men and women connected to the family. Time considerations have prevented the creators of this site from delving too deeply into any one of these marvelous repositories of information, and they await visitors to the library… A partial list of these resources has been compiled here.


Name Collection Range
wm d cabell  William D. Cabell Diaries  MSS 276  1854-1865; 1867-1873; 1877-1878; 1896-1897; 1901-1903
 mve cabell  Mary Virginia Ellet Cabell Diary and Journals  MSS 276  1855 (Travel Diary); 1899-1925 (Journals)
 joseph c cabell  Joseph C. Cabell‘s Travel Diaries  MSS 2453  Nov. 1802-May 1806
 William Cabell portrait  Diaries of William Cabell  MSS 3119 (Micfilm M-37; originals in VHS)  1751-1795; 1770-1771; 1774-1779; 1797-1799
 Image not available  Diaries of William Mayo  MSS 3119 (Micfilm M-37; originals in VHS)  1803-1819; 1813-1825