Cabells on the Internet

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The Cabell Foundation

Official homepage of The Cabell Foundation, Inc., “A Virginia Memorial and Genealogical Organization.”

Historical Maps of Cabell Property

Notes and images prepared by Thomas Turpin Bannister of the University of Rochester’s Department of Biology for a presentation at the Cabell Foundation’s Annual Meeting in Williamsburg in October 2000.

Cocke Family Papers at the University of Virginia

Online guide to the largest single collection of Cocke family papers, chiefly correspondence to Gen. John Hartwell Cocke.

Jefferson Papers at the University of Virginia

Online calendar of Jefferson Papers deposited at the University.

Thomas Jefferson: Digital Archive

Scanned documents and images by and about Jefferson, maintained by the Electronic Text Center at the University of Virginia.

Thomas Jefferson’s Academical Village: The Lawn at the University of Virginia

A virtual tour of the portion of the University of Virginia designed by Thomas Jefferson.

“Arise and Build!”: A Centennial Commemoration of the 1895 Rotunda Fire

A University of Virginia Special Collections online exhibit from 1995.