Select Images from the Memories

Volume I


Alberta Georgetta Gary. This portrait of Lillian’s sister, Alberta (“Daisy”), was painted when Daisy was about four years old. She died of scarlet fever at the age of five. Pg. 11.


James Albert Gary and Lavinia Corrie Gary. Lillian says of this daguerreotype of her parents, “I feel it is not good, yet the hands of both are perfect.” Pg. 39.


Lavinia Corrie Gary. This picture of Lillian’s mother was taken from an old daguerreotype. She remembers, “She seems a big woman, but was very slight and small. Father and Aunt Tressie [Lavinia’s elder sister] said this was not like her.” Pg. 47.


Lillian Marie Gary. This photograph shows Lillian about age four. Pg. 60.


James A. Gary. This portrait of Lillian’s father was painted shortly after his marriage. Pg. 128.


Mrs. Gary with her sister, Aunt Tressie, and her granddaughter and namesake, Lavinia James (Sister Minnie’s daughter) on the porch of the Summit. Pg. 178.

Volume II


Photo of Brother Stanley. Pg. 86.


Sister Minnie dressed as a gipsy for the Grand March at the Kermess. Pg. 99.


Lillian dressed as a gipsy for the Grand March at the Kermess. Pg. 103.


Father and James Albert Gary, Jr. Pg. 161.


Lillian and Sister Minnie, taken in 1890. Pg. 181.


Three of the “Little Sisters.” From left to right: Ida, Jessie, and Madeleine. Pg. 189.


Second image: not quite so little anymore. Pg. 193.

Volume III


Lillian Marie Gary with her pug Wiggins and her skye terrier Rags, around 1888. Pg. 8.

Seven Gary girls

The seven Gary daughters, taken in 1896. From left to right, in the back row: Ida, Lillian, and Minnie. In the front row, Adelaide, Madeleine, Emma, and Jessie. Pg. 9.


Group photograph taken at The Summit. From left to right, standing: Jessie A. Gary, Dr. Andrew H. Whitbridge, Florence Basshor, Eugene Levering Jr., May Basshor, Fred Alger, Lillian Marie Gary, Frank Pegram, Emma Gary Randolph, Harold Randolph. Seated on bench: Adelaide Gary Levering, Secretary of War Alger, Lavinia Washington Gary, James Albert Gary, Mrs. Alger, Frances Alger, Charlotte Latroche, Mrs. E. Stanley Gary. Seated on the ground: Madeleine L. Gary, E. Stanley Gary Jr., Louisa M. Gary, Ida Gary Pegram, Francis E. Pegram Jr. on her lap, E. Stanley Gary, James A. Gary Jr. Pg. 89.


Photo of James Albert Gary, taken about 1898. Pg. 111.


Photo of Lavinia Washington Gary, taken about 1898. Pg. 113.


Fourth of July group photograph. Lillian comments that they were “all excellent likenesses” (pg. 118). From left to right, standing: Frank Pegram, Jim Gary, Van Lear Black, Jessie Gary Black, Harold Randolph, Eugene Levering, Andrew Whitridge, Harry James. Seated on bench: Mary Gary, Sister Emma, Lavinia Washington Gary, James Albert Gary, Sister Madeleine, Sister Adelaide. Seated on ground: Brother Stanley, Sister Ida, Francis Jr., Lou Gary, Stanley Gary Jr., Ragie Gary, Sister Minnie, Lavinia James, Lillian Marie Gary. Pg. 117.


Photograph of President McKinley leaving Lillian’s wedding at the Garys’ Linden Avenue home. Pg. 135.


Lillian’s mother-in-law, Mrs. William Sinclair, whom Lillian affectionately called “Mamma.” Pg. 143.

Volume IV


Bob watches children play with a puppy on the upper deck of the steamer during the Taylors’ 1906 trip to Europe. Pg. 60.


Photo of Johnny Reb, Lillian and Bob’s beloved cat. Pg. 243.


Mrs. Sinclair and George Taylor (Lillian’s mother-in-law and brother-in-law) in Japan during their trip around the world in 1913. Pg. 254.


Photo of Sister Adelaide, Mrs. Eugene Levering, Jr. Pg. 294.


Photo of Sister Ida, Mrs. Francis E. Pegram. Pg. 297


Photo of Sister Jessie, Mrs. Van Lear Black. Pg. 299.

Volume V


Photo of James Albert Gary III. Insert 2 .


Photo of James Albert Gary, Jr. Insert 7.