Four Generations of Albemarle County Dukes


duke family 1921

R.T.W. Duke, Jr. and his family, taken c. 1921.



Duke Family

In 1653, Henry Duke arrived in Jamestown, Virginia from England. His descendents joined in the westward march across the state, and Richard Duke paused long enough in Albemarle County to establish there a robust line of the family tree.



Richard Thomas Walker Duke, Sr. (1822-1898), son of Richard Duke and Maria Walker, married (1846) Elizabeth Scott Eskridge (1820-1896), daughter of William Scott Eskridge and Margaret Frances Brown. Their children were:


A. William Richard Duke (1848-1929) m. (1894) Edith May Coleman (1873-1943)

a. Elizabeth Eskridge Duke (1898-1899)
b. Cammann Coleman Duke (1900-1963) m. (1933) Mary Perrin White (1904-1984)
c. William Richard Duke, Jr. (1902-1962) m. (1933) Nancy Montgomery Wood (1902-?)

B. Margaret Brown Duke (1850-1851)

C. Richard Thomas Walker Duke, Jr. (1853-1926) m. (1884) (1) Edith Ridgeway Slaughter (1863-1921)

a. Mary Willoughby Duke (1885-1966)
b. Richard Thomas Walker Duke, III (1887-1960) m. (1917) Myrtle Judson (? -1941) m. (1942) (2) Cecile Grotta m. (1947) (3) Florence Watts (“Jeri”)
c. John Flavel Slaughter Duke (1889-1933) m. (1918) Kathleen Timmons (? -1940)
d. William Eskridge Duke (1893-1959) m. (1923) Lucy Marshall Lee

(i) R.T.W. Duke, IV (1924-1926)
(ii) William Eskridge Duke, Jr., (“Bill”) (1927-) m. Frances Armistead Marston
(iii) Lucy Marshall Duke (1931-) m. Gerald Kinne

e. Helen Risdon Duke (1895-1984)
f. Edwin Ellicott Duke (1899-1900)

m. (1923) (2) Mary Richardson Slaughter (“Maymee”), sister-in-law of first wife, Edith Ridgeway Slaughter (m. 1890 Samuel Garland Slaughter).

D. Maria Walker Duke (1855-1856)

E. Mary Willoughby Duke (1857-1883) m. (1882) Dr. Charles Slaughter

a. Mary Willoughby Slaughter (1883-?) m. (1905) Claude Marshall Lee (1882-?)

(i) Martha Eskridge Lee (b. 1906) m. (1934) Harrison Trueheart Poston
(ii) Mary Willoughby Lee (1908-1918)
(iii) Lucy Ambler Lee (b. 1910) m. (1933) John Edmund Roberts
(iv) Claude Marshall Lee, Jr. (b. 1911) m. (1944) Sybil Elizabeth Scrivenor
(v) Charlotte Slaughter Lee (b. 1913) m. (1934) William Jett Lauck, Jr.
(vi) Elizabeth Duke Lee (b. 1919) m. (1941) Samuel Keene Claggett Kopper
(vii) Mary Cary Lee (b. 1926)