Microfilm Series of the Thomas Jefferson Papers at the U.Va

The University of Virginia Jefferson Papers are heterogeneous in origin if not in nature. The best guide to their original provenance is the annotation or docketing that Jefferson himself placed on each item that he retained for his own files. These endorsements have been filmed and noted where they exist, and they constitute the best proof available that the items to which they are affixed were once parts of the main collection retained by their author and his descendants.

Accession numbers are included on the guidecards which accompany each item on the film, and the University Library welcomes further inquiries regarding the provenance of particular collections from which these items were drawn.


M-116 (roll 1) Guide; special series
M-117 (roll 2) special series (continued)
M-118 (roll 3) Correspondence, 1732-1790
M-119 (roll 4) Correspondence, 1791-1800
M-120 (roll 5) Correspondence, 1801-1805
M-121 (roll 6) Correspondence, 1806-1813 June
M-122 (roll 7) Correspondence, 1813 July – 1817
M-123 (roll 8) Correspondence, 1818-1820
M-124 (roll 9) Correspondence, 1821-1824
M-125 (roll 10) Correspondence, 1825-n.d.