Maps of the Cabell Homeland

by Professor Thomas Turpin Bannister of the University of Rochester

An ancestor of Dr. Thomas Bannister, Thomas Turpin, worked as a surveyor in eighteenth-century Virginia. In this capacity, Thomas Turpin both worked with two William Cabells (the patriarch and his son) and surveyed or helped to survey many of the original Cabell family properties. Dr. Bannister has researched the surveying work conducted by his forebear in several Virginia counties. In October 2000, he made a presentation to the Cabell Foundation in which he identified most of the seventy-three patents through which the first Cabells acquired land in central Virginia.

The links below to the images and text of Dr. Bannister’s presentation are maintained by Dr. Bannister himself, and not by the University of Virginia.

Talk Text of Dr. Bannister’s presentation.
Original Patent William Cabell’s large initial grant (4800 acres) along the James River.
“Cabell Homeland” Southern Nelson County and the adjoining counties, with the three chief Cabell estates–Warminster, Wingina, and Norwood–located in their positions along the James.