Confederate Cabells

Cabell Family Members Enlisted in the Armed Forces of the Confederate States of America


john breckinridge2


Major General John Cabell Breckinridge, the highest-ranking Cabell in the Confederate Army.



In 1938, Lt. Col. Julian Mayo Cabell, US Army, used confiscated Confederate records available at the War Department in Washington, D.C. to generate a list of Cabell descendants who served for the Confederate States of America during the Civil War. He forwarded this list in December of that year to Carrington Cabell Tutwiler, then at work on a revised edition of Alexander Brown’s The Cabells and Their Kin. It appears that Lt. Col. Cabell derived his genealogical information from an 1895 edition of Brown, and he found reference in that volume to 129 men who served the Confederacy.

A small number of Cabells also served in the Union Army, bringing the family total to 134 Civil War soldiers.

Name Available Branch of Service, Rank, and/or Unit Information Details
Abell, Addison S. Died in the service.
Bohannon, George W. Died in the service.
Breckinridge, Clifton R. CSA and CSN
Breckinridge, Joseph C. Major, 2nd Kentucky Mounted Infantry
Breckinridge, John C. Major General, CSA
Breckinridge, Robert J. Colonel, 2nd Kentucky Mounted Infantry
Breckinridge, Robert J. Medical Inspector, CSA
Breckinridge, Stanhope P. Surgeon, CSA
Breckinridge, William C. P. Colonel, 9th Kentucky Cavalry
Brown, Alexander CSA
Brown, George M. Captain, CSA Killed.
Brown, Robert L. Lieutenant, CSA
Brown, William B. Colonel, Missouri Regiment Killed.
Bruce, Charles Captain, Staunton Hill Artillery
Bullock, Waller R. Captain, CSA
Cabell, Algenon S. Major, CSA
Cabell, Benjamin E. Lieutenant, 38th Virginia Infantry Died in the service.
Cabell, Charles 3rd. Virginia Infantry
Cabell, David S. G. 49th Virginia Infantry
Cabell, Edward C. Colonel, Staff, CSA
Cabell, Frederick E. Lieutenant, 3rd Virginia Cavalry
Cabell, George C. Colonel, 8th Virginia Infantry Wounded twice.
Cabell, George W. 28th Virginia Infantry
Cabell, Henry C. 1st Virginia Artillery
Cabell, Henry L. Surgeon, CSA
Cabell, James C. Lieutenant, 60th Virginia Infantry Wounded.
Cabell, James L. Surgeon, CSA
Cabell, John G. Lt. Colonel, 6th Virginia Cavalry Recommended by J.E.B. Stuart to be Colonel for gallantry & c.; later Surgeon.
Cabell, John R. Captain, 49th Virginia Infantry
Cabell, Joseph C., Jr. Lieutenant, 49th Virginia Infantry Wounded. Died in the service.
Cabell, Joseph L. Surgeon, CSA
Cabell, Joseph R. Colonel, 38th Virginia Infantry Killed in command of his regiment.
Cabell, Nicholas, Jr. CSA
Cabell, Lewis B. Lieutenant, 19th Virginia Infantry & 2nd Cavalry
Cabell, Patrick H. CoE, 11th Virginia Infantry
Cabell, Patrick H. CoQ, 11th Virginia Infantry Died in the service.
Cabell, Patrick H. Surgeon, Alabama, CSA
Cabell, Paul Carrington Lieutenant, 1st Virginia Infantry Wounded three times.
Cabell, Paul Clement 2nd Virginia Cavalry
Cabell, Philip B. CSA
Cabell, Robert G. Cadet, VMI In charge at New Market.
Cabell, Robert S. 49th Virginia Infantry Wounded twice.
Cabell, Samuel J. 25th Virginia Infantry Died in the service.
Cabell, William A. 4th Mississippi Cavalry and Bradford [?]
Cabell, William D. Nelson Co. Commissary and Home Guard See personal memo of his service.
Cabell, William H. Cadet, VMI, 1st Sergeant Killed in New Market charge.
Cabell, William H. 2nd Virginia Cavalry & 8th Virginia Infantry
Cabell, William L. Brigadier General, CSA Wounded twice.
Cabell, William M. 1st Virginia Infantry
Cabell, William S. 28th Virginia Infantry
Carrington, Abram C. 18th Virginia Infantry Killed.
Carrington, Alexander B. Chaplain, CSA
Carrington, Edgar W. Captain, 38th Virginia Infantry Killed.
Carrington, Gilbert P. Mississippi Battalion, CSA
Carrington, George B. 19th Virginia Infantry
Carrington, Henry A. Colonel, 8th Virginia Infantry Wounded twice.
Carrington, Isaac H. Major, 38th Virginia Infantry
Carrington, Reid C. 18th Virginia Infantry Wounded.
Carrington, Robert G. CSA
Carrington, William A. Medical Director
Carrington, William C. Lieutenant, 19th Virginia Infantry & 5th Cavalry
Castleman, Humphreys Captain, Morgan’s Cavalry
Castleman, John B. Major, 2nd Kentucky Cavalry & Morgan’s Cavalry
Castleman, Lewis Arkansas, CSA
Chadwick, Edward S. Alabama, CSA
Chadwick, Robert A. 5th Alabama Infantry Wounded.
Chadwick, Shelby W. 5th Alabma Infantry
Chadwick, William H. Alabama, CSA
Clark, John Lieutenant, CSA
Clark, Patrick H. Captain, Virginia Artillery Died in the service.
Clay “Four sons of Gen’l Odin G. Clay and Anne C. E. Clay (160). Names not given in The Cabells and Their Kin.” 2nd Virginia Cavalry
Davies, John W. 19th Virginia Infantry Killed.
Davies, Roderick H. 2nd Virginia Cavalry Wounded twice.
Davies, William B. 1st Sergeant and Surgeon, 2nd Virginia Cavalry Killed.
Flournoy, Cabell E. Colonel, 6th Virginia Cavalry Promoted ’63 by Genls. J.E.B. Stuart and L. Lomax for valor & c. at age 23; killed ’64 in leading a charge.
Flournoy, Henry W. 6th Virginia Cavalry Wounded and transferred to 1st Virginia Artillery.
Flournoy, John J. 1st Virginia Artillery
Flournoy, John J. 3rd Virginia Cavalry
Flournoy, Nicholas E. 14th Virginia Infantry and Virginia Artillery
Flournoy, Thomas S. Colonel, 6th Virginia Cavalry
Flournoy, William S. CSA
Grayson, John B. Brigadier General, Kentucky, CSA
Grayson, John B., Jr. Lieutenant, Louisiana Artillery, CSA
Grayson, William P. B. Colonel, 13th Kentucky Cavalry, CSA
Hannah, William S. Captain, CSA Wounded and died.
Henry, William W. CSA Artillery
Higginbotham, John C. Captain, 25th Virginia Infantry Promoted to Brigadier Gen’l in ’64 at age 22 after being wounded seven times; killed soon thereafter.
Horsley, John D. 49th Virginia Infantry & Mosby’s Cavalry
Horsley, John Jr. Jackson’s Corps, CSA
Horsley, William H. Captain, 49th Virginia Infantry Wounded.
Horsley, William N. Captain, CSA
Irvine, Edward C. Captain, 2nd Virginia Cavalry
Irvine, Jesse 2nd Virginia Cavalry Wounded twice.
Jones, Archelaus K. 12th Mississippi Infantry Wounded three times.
Jones, Eugene D. Lieutenant, 36th Mississippi Infantry Wounded.
Jones, Joseph C. 1st Mississippi Artillery, CSA
Jones, Meriwether L. 12th Mississippi Infantry Killed.
Jones, Thomas H. 4th Mississippi Cavalry, with Forrest
Jones, William S. 12th Mississippi Infantry Wounded.
McClelland, James B. Major Died in the service.
McCulloch, Champe C. Major and Adjutant, 2nd Missouri Cavalry
McCulloch, Richard E. 16th Missouri Infantry Killed.
McCulloch, Robert Captain and Adjutant, 18th Virginia Infantry Wounded four times.
McElroy, Edwin CSA Killed.
McElroy, Samuel CSA Killed.
Meredith, Richard W. Black Horse Cavalry
Miller, Charles E. Virginia Cavalry
Miller, Thomas S. 26th Virginia Infantry Wounded and died.
Miller, William B. Lieutenant, Virginia Infantry & Cavalry
Nicholson, William CSA Killed.
Pollard, Richard Captain, 25th Virginia Infantry & Virginia Artillery
Pollard, James R. Surgeon, Hampton’s Legion
Powell, John T. Captain, 19th Virginia Infantry Wounded.
Rives, Alexander Surgeon, CSA
Rives, Alfred L. Colonel, CS Engineers
Rives, Charles M. 1st Virginia Artillery Killed.
Rives, Edward Brigadier Surgeon, Pickett’s Division
Rives, George T. Captain, Virginia Infantry Killed leading a charge.
Rives, James H. Captain, Virginia Artillery
Rives, Henry Captain, 28th Virginia Infantry
Rives, Landon C. Surgeon Died in the service.
Rives, Robert, Jr. 28th Virginia Infantry
Wilkinson, John C. CSA
Wood, Henry Captain, Virginia Infantry
Wood, John S. Captain, 38th Virginia Infantry
Wood, William W. Colonel, 14th Virginia Infantry Wounded.


Total 129
Killed 15
Died of Wounds 3
Died in service 8
Wounded once or more 19

Additional Source Consulted:
Carrington Cabell Tutwiler, Cabell Family Genealogical Notes, ca. 1938-1950, Accession #9764-a, Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. Especially Box 6, Folder 135: Julian Mayo Cabell to Carrington Cabell Tutwiler, 26 and 31 December 1938