Resolution by the Faculty

at the University of Virginia, Upon Death of Joseph Carrington Cabell in February 1856


At a meeting of the Faculty of the University of Virginia, held February 8th 1856, the following preamble and resolutions were unanimously adopted—

The Faculty having received intelligence of the death of Joseph C. Cabell, late Rector of the University of Virginia, desire to place on record their estimate of his worth as a man, and their appreciation of his service in the important public employment which at various times he was called.

Endowed with a vigorous understanding, enlarged by culture, and by foreign travel, he was long prominent in the councils of Virginia, as the unwavering and at length successful advocate of an enlightened policy as respects Education and Internal Improvements.

The intimate friend of several of our most illustrious Revolutionary Statesmen, he had caught not a little of their spirit, moderation and wisdom, and enjoyed, as he deserved, much of their confidence. The co-laborer of Jefferson, Madison and Monroe in rearing this University, he sustained in its behalf, many a strenuous legislative conflict, and having been from the beginning, one of its most efficient visitors, and for twelve years past, was its faithful and revered Rector. In this relation he was best known to us, nor shall we cease to cherish pleasing memories of the amenity, justice, integrity and zeal with which he discharged his duties.

His long and useful career is closed and we rejoice to know, that honorable as was the tenor of his life, nothing in it became him more than its end—for he died a Christian.

Sensible that we ourselves individually have sustained a great loss in the decease of this eminent benefactor of the University, our hearts the more readily sympathize with those whom this afflictive dispensation bereaves.

Resolved, that in testimony of our respect for his memory we will wear crape on the left arm for thirty days.

Resolved, that as an expression of the feelings of the Faculty, a copy of the foregoing preamble and resolutions be communicated to Mrs. Cabell, and also to our Colleague, Dr. James L. Cabell, nephew of the deceased.

William Wertenbaker
Secretary of the Faculty

S. Maupin
Chmn. of the Faculty

[Taken from the University of Virginia. Dept. of Medicine, Papers, 1867, Accession #38-212, Special Collections Dept., University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, Va.]