duke portrait31853 – Birth to R. T. W. Duke, Sr. and Elizabeth Scott Eskridge Duke

1859 – Father forms the Albemarle Rifles, a volunteer militia company, after John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry.

1861-65 – Civil War

1870-1874 – Enrolled at the University of Virginia

1884 – Marriage to Edith Ridgeway Slaughter

1885 – Birth of first child, Mary Willoughby Duke

1888-1901 – Judge of the Corporation Court of Charlottesville

1896 – Death of mother, Elizabeth Scott Eskridge Duke

1897-1899 – Grand Master of the Virginia Masons–the Grand Lodge of Virginia

1898 – Death of father, R. T. W. Duke, Sr.

1900 – Premature death of sixth child, Edwin Ellicott Duke (b. 1899)

1921 – Death of first wife, Edith Ridgeway Slaughter

1923 – Second marriage, to Mary Richardson Slaughter (sister-in-law of Edith Ridgeway Slaughter)

1926 – Death of Richard Thomas Walker Duke, Jr.