Liberty Hall

liberty hall siteIn approximately 1742, Dr. William Cabell built the “Swan Creek Plantation” at the center of his Virginia properties and distributed the surrounding tracts to his four sons. Nicholas Cabell inherited the main house upon his father’s death and renamed it during the Revolution, “Liberty Hall.” In 1895, the same year in which the University of Virginia’s Rotunda succumbed to flames, Liberty Hall burned to the ground. Archer Minardi has made the following photographs of the Liberty Hall property and cemetery available.



liberty hall cemetery

The cemetery at Liberty Hall.

liberty hall monument

Monument honoring Dr. William Cabell and Elizabeth Burks.








liberty hall inscription

Inscription by Joseph C. Cabell, who commissioned the monument.

liberty hall graves

Graves of Col. Nicholas and Hannah Cabell.










*Copies of Mrs. Minardi’s prints were received electronically; hard copies are not available at the University of Virginia Special Collections Library.