Descendants of William Cabell Rives

rives sons


Shown here in front of an idealized “Castle Hill,” the Albemarle County home of William C. Rives, are his three sons: Francis Robert Rives, William Cabell Rives, Jr., and Alfred Landon Rives. Oil on Canvas. George Cooke at the University of Virginia.


William C. Rives (1793-1868) married Judith Page Walker (1802-1882) in 1819. The couple had five children:

Francis Robert Rives (1822-1891) m. (1848) Matilda Barclay (?-1888)

George Lockhart Rives (b. 1849)
Ella Louisa Rives (b. 1851)
Francis Robert Rives (b. 1853)
Maud Antonia Rives (b. 1855)
Constance Evelyn Rives (b. 1855)
Reginald William Rives (b. 1861)

William Cabell Rives, Jr. (1825-1889) m. (1849) Grace Winthrop Sears (?)

William Cabell Rives (b. 1850)
Alice Rives (b. 1852)
Arthur Landon Rives (b. 1853)

Col. Alfred Landon Rives (1830-1903) m. (1859) Sarah Catherine MacMurdo (?-1909)

Amelie Louise Rives (1863-1945)
Gertrude Rives (b. c. 1866)
Sarah Landon Rives (b. 1874)

Amelie Louise Rives (1832-1873) m. (1854) Henry Sigourney (?-1873)

Henry Sigourney (b. 1855)
Three younger Sigourney children perished with their parents at sea in 1873.

Ella Rives (1834-1892)


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