Web Quest: Educational Timelines

The Task

To learn more about the history of education you will be researching some influential members of educational history and creating timelines to document their progress and accomplishments.



  • To get you started on your travels through history, you will be asked to view the Jackson Davis Educational Timeline where you will see the history of education in the making and see some of the leading figures in African-American Education
  • In order to complete your task you will be given many websites that contain information about influential figures and events in the history of education.


The Process

Step 1

To prepare you for your search through history, you will first need to view the Jackson Davis Educational Timeline.


Step 2

After looking at the timeline, use the World Wide Web to gain information about other influential individuals in the history of education which have been highlighted on the timeline. To get you started, click on one of the people or issues that have been provided below.

Step 3

After you have researched at least five (5) websites, create a timeline following the life of your individual or event.

Step 4

The guidelines for your timeline are as follows:

a) Your timeline must have at least 10 different dates with 10 different events, 2 of the ten dates can be the life and death of the individual at the beginning and end of the event.

b) You may use more than 5 websites, but you must use 5.

c) Your timeline must include 3 related pictures. You may find these pictures on the web, in magazines, or draw them yourselves.

d) You must properly document the sources you used by listing the 5 websites used to gain your information.

e) You may present your timeline in any fashion including but not limited to video, computers, role playing, or even create something artistic… get creative!

Extension Activities

Combine your research efforts with your classmates and make a timeline incorporating all the educational facts you have gathered.