The Physical Collection

MSS 3072, 3072-a, 3072-b, 3072-c

Girl with Tomatoes

The Jackson Davis Collection consists of a main body of papers, supplemented by three accretions. The main body of the collection (MSS 3072) and the first accretion (MSS 3072-a) were given to Special Collections by Helen Mansfield Lynch and Ruth Elizabeth Langhorne, Davis’ daughters, in 1948. The main body of the collection contains approximately 6 linear feet of Davis’ personal, professional, and financial files, as well as topical files, spanning the years 1906 through 1947. The collection also includes 4502 photographic negatives, 249 glass lantern slides and 759 photographic prints.

The second important addition to the collection (MSS 3072-b) was made in 1999 by Sally Guy Browne and Helen Langhorne, Davis’ granddaughters, and consists of about 100 items. Davis’ travel journals of 1911 and 1913 when he served as state agent for Negro Schools for the Virginia State Board of Education are included in this gift. The diaries describe his tours through Virginia visiting African American schools and colleges, and discuss the education of African-Americans. The final accretion to the collection (MSS 3072-c) consists of six photographs of the Amherst Indian Mission School and Chapel taken by Rebecca Yokum in 1999. These buildings were originally photographed by Davis in 1914.

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The following is a list of topical headings for materials in the main body of the collection (MSS 3072, 3072-a)

Louis M. and Bertha Anderson
Alexander W. Armour
Trevor Arnett (1870-1955)
H. Percy Baker
Nelle Barmore
Robert Emory Blackwell (1854-1938)
“A Book of Friendship” dedicated to Jackson Davis
Bettina Rhett Borie
Walter Russell Bowie (1882-1969)
William W. Brierley
B. C. Caldwell
Century Association
Harry Woodburn Chase (1883-1955)
James Saxon Childers (1899-1965)
The Club
T. D. Cranston
Louise Harris Curd
Rebecca Evelyn Davis 1927-1941
1927-1941 James Hardy Dillard (1856-1940)
J. Curtis Dixon
Joseph Dupuy Eggleston (1867-1953)
Leo Mortimer Favrot (1874- )
I. Derrell Felder
Abraham Flexner (1866-1959)
Paul Breck Foreman (1911- )
Douglas Southall Freeman (1886-1963)
Francis Pendleton Gaines (1892-1963)
Bennette Eugene Geer (1873-1964)
General Education Board
General Education Board: African Colonies
General Education Board: Interviews
Georgia, University System of
James Edgar Gregg (1875-1946)
Hampden-Sydney College
Hampton Institute
Hampton Institute: General Education Board Interviews
Hampton Institute: Reports to the Board of Trustees
Hampton Institute–Personal
William Thomas Hodges (1881-1947)
Julius Rosenwald Fund, Nashville
Edna Rendall Kraft
John Little
Charles Templeman Loram (1879-1940)
William Arthur and Susie Warner Maddox
Ward N. and Miriam C. Madison
Albert Russell Mann (1880-1947)
Randolph and Douglas W. Maynard
James Ross McCain (1881-1965)
Fred McCuistion
Edward G. McGehee, Jr.
Francis Pickens Miller (1895-1978)
Robert Russa Moton (1867-1940)
Mary Cooke Branch Munford (Mrs. Beverley Bland Munford) (1865-1938)
Marcus Cicero Stephens Noble, Jr. (1855-1942)
Omega Delta Chi Convention
Frederick Douglas Patterson (1901-1988)
Personal: Alabama Properties
Personal: Appointments and Invitations
Personal: Associates A-Z
Personal: Church
Personal: Contributions
Personal: Family
Personal: Family Photographs
Personal: Financial
Personal: Gifts and Thank you’s
Phelps-Stokes Fund
Phi Beta Kappa
Phi Beta Kappa: Key Reporter
Virginia Estelle Randolph
Richmond Hospital Service Association
John Davison Rockefeller, Jr. (1874-1960)
Wickliffe Rose (1862-1931)
Rural Electrification Administration
William Thomas Sanger (1885-1975)
Gordon Grady Singleton (1890- )
Mary Phlegar Smith
Speeches: Associations and Conferences
Speeches: Colleges and Universities
Speeches: Commencement Addresses
Speeches: Founders’ Day and Inaugural Addresses
Speeches: Travel Impressions
Tennessee Colleges and Universities
Theta Delta Chi
Halsten Joseph Thorkelson (1875- )
Channing H. Tobias
Town Hall Club
Virginia Academy of Science
Virginia Commission on Interracial Cooperation
Virginia Education Commission
Virginia, University of
William and Mary, College of
William and Mary, College of: Alumni Association
William and Mary, College of: Associations Incorporate and By-Laws
William and Mary, College of: Printed
Elizabeth “Bessie” M. Williamson
Arthur Davis Wright (1885-1947)
Writings on Education
Writings on Education: Notes
Writings on Religious and Social Issues